Liza Mädchen
Liza Mädchen creates using a variety of media. Her lines of jewelry, accessories and clothing reflect a sense of playfulness as well as utility, while her artwork thoughtfully considers the physical realm.

Liza is passionate about the Arts in Austin, and has labored long on community projects such as the Deep Eddy Mural Deep Eddy Mural. View the fabulous documentary of its creation here: Deep Eddy Mural Documentary

Liza has been conceptualizing and creating costumes for Present Company Theatre since 2013. She is passionately dedicated to bringing accessible art to Austin with this philosophically talented troupe.

Liza is fluent in English and German, studies languages as a hobby, and she can weave in Swedish! Contact her to initiate discussion or creation using any of the aforementioned languages.

Please revisit the site for new designs, and contact Liza with any comments or questions.